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Message Subject Eminem - Not so slim shady - Hospitalized for serious heart condition, pneumonia, weighing 200lbs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
by the by, it is worth noting that TPthatusedtoB don't like this man.

even tho it's a small percentage, he says way too much re: 911, antiwar, antibush, jfk, fed gov, in his lyrics and is waaay too smart for being a 'stupid rapper'

don't know if it bears directly on this particular event... but my best wishes go out to him. I'm standing for ya to get back up to feeling good asap, Em! ...'cuz see, funny thing is... it's more 'crazy' people that we need... not the 'sane' lobotomized ones you see sleepwalking through every day.

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