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Message Subject Star Trek fans need to have a talk with their pro-vaxiners about the Jem'hadar
Poster Handle preacher9
Post Content
Ah, now I get it. Excerpt from your link:

[link to memory-alpha.fandom.com (secure)]

"The Jem'Hadar soldiers of the Dominion were genetically engineered to lack the enzyme which white provided, and required frequent doses of the drug to survive. The white also provided all the nutrients they required, alleviating them of the need to eat or drink.

Without white, Jem'Hadar soldiers suffered withdrawal symptoms including pain, anxiety, loss of mental control, and inability to "shroud"; eventually, the Jem'Hadar spiraled into homicidal insanity. First killing their enemies followed by their allies, they inevitably turned on each other. Ultimately, their entire genetic structure collapsed."

There's a new drug in town.
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