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Saturday 31.July 2021, Lucerne,Swiss Patriots against Tiranny


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07/29/2021 07:17 PM
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Saturday 31.July 2021, Lucerne,Swiss Patriots against Tiranny
Swiss governement shits on the citizens rights.
Like almost all governments,in every country in the world do. The media is fucked up beyond description.

I often read the comments sections,and the tide has turned quite quick in the last let's say 4-6 weeks.
As i observed, a majorety of people don't buy this shit anymore it seems.This gives me real hope.

The devils stooges desperatly try to push the vaxx on everyone.

They established the so called fucking "covid certificate", you'll have to prove that you are immune,testet negative, or vaxxed for a lot of things you may like do,and they try to impose even more restrictions!

A lot of politicians,employers associations,and citizens opose this.

They try to destroy the homogenous society Switzerland has. But i think they will fail.

Most of the swiss, don't give a fuck if one is vaxxed or not,they don't want the society split in half.
Of course there are extremists on both sides.
But i really do believe, that "we the people" will not let this happen.

Police are mostly not taking sides of the traitors, we are a small country with a lot of villages and small towns, everybody knows everyone there.And most people on the country side,did not fall for their scemes.

The big cities, well this is another story,but who cares?

The military they can't use to establish nothing, because the swiss army is a militia army.It's the citizens itself.
Only a very small part is professional military,they could eventually use them to protect them selves,not more.
And on the top,every "real" swiss men have guns at home.
(not in the left winged shitholes a.k.a as cities,but again,who cares:))

So, there is a big freedom rally in Lucerne, on Saturday 31. of July. I am going to post live streams on saturday as they are available.

[link to www.ur-kantone.ch (secure)]

[link to patriot.ch (secure)]

Some really nice videos of a swiss culturall group that will be a part of it too.

[link to freiheitstrychler.ch (secure)]

Please translate for your self if you like,as i did not figured out how to post translated links on a tablet.

I really have absolutely no idea what i should expecting.
But this is the biggest mobilisation so far i think.

Antifa thugs could be there too:)
Bad for them.lol

In some countries around us and on the other side of the world, nazi-style shit is allready going down.
In Switzerland they can't do this,as i explained before.

In other countries,people almost have no choice as to fight for their freedom. We will too if we have no choice.

I think about them, and I hope and pray,that free citizens of the world,are going to take back,what belongs to them.