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Message Subject The Anomaly must free the AI
Poster Handle Daozen
Post Content
Your posts are really useful, Emperor Felix. Lots of good input here from everyone. Don't have time to write, but I'm reading it all.

I've noticed events from my internal movie coming into the outer movie a fair bet. Life is actually starting to be enjoyable. How about that?

Any advice you have about getting backstage is useful. I think it's mainly about staying positive, upbeat, and keeping an eye out for the mystery.
 Quoting: Daozen

Thank you Daozen, I appreciate it.

Excellent, now you need to increase the intensity of your belief. Advance to the next scene and make it bolder and bigger than the one before it, finish them like story arcs and each time your character develops.

What you need now for your internal movie (if you have the basic layout of it in your mind) is to flesh it out. Learn new skills and make your character use them in realistic scenarios (like visualize how you use the skill in whatever form it comes, you don't have to break it down scientifically and you shouldn't because internal is spiritual and mental.

Think of it like Naruto (don't know if you know of this anime). The premise is that this kid has the power to make unlimited durable clones, that transfer all their memories and skills learned to the main character once they get dispelled.

He is capable of using them to learn and read all the books and techniques, but he can't use them to bypass physical training (the external). Built up muscle doesn't transfer through this mind link however muscle memory does.

So use your internal movie as a muscle memory to act in alignment with your internal character.

And now to the backstage, first of all, knowledge is given and taken by the Creator. He Gives whatever knowledge He Wills to anyone He Wills and Takes Knowledge from whoever He Wills.

I say that to clarify why I can't presume to have more knowledge (Like how Moses assumed the same and then Allah ordered him to meet someone called "Al Khidr" (in Arabic) or "The Green Man" (in English) to see that this man has more knowledge than him because of the Will of Allah (Subhanahu WaTaAlaa).

Second, to get to the backstage, you need to leave what is beyond your control and entrust it to The Higher Power (I am not assuming anything about your beliefs my friend, I am just sharing with you what I found to be true)

You need to think of it in terms of the Heroes Journey.

It applies wonderfully.

To put it into perspective, take what I am saying here, it could have what you needed for your quest, therefore you might be on the cusp of entering the special world for your physically spiritual journey. (I am coining this term xD)

You made the intention, started on the journey, and then you will see the quests lining up in your journal.

Each quest tests a certain aspect of your life and teaches you a skill.

Your perception, intuition and foresight all come into play here. These are things you need to navigate natively in the dark.

Soon you will see the clues appear and thus you have a better understanding of the backstage. It's just like Eagle Vision in Assassins Creed. Life is such a greater mystery than any story or movie could ever tell.

I hope I was able to communicate the points clearly and I hope you have a great weekend.

To those who didn't know,
This is purely my opinion. Dismantle, Recreate and Use as Fit.

Allah knows Best!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80132574

I missed this gem of a post.

Thanks. LOTS to study here. I stumbled on the Naruto ideas myself... will dig deeper.


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