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Police Helicopter Orders People Off Beaches, Hovers over Backyards Enforcing Australian Lockdown


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08/02/2021 09:27 AM

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Police Helicopter Orders People Off Beaches, Hovers over Backyards Enforcing Australian Lockdown
Footage of police helicopters flying over beaches and parks in Australia to enforce lockdown is circulating on social media.“Attention, attention, this is a police helicopter,” blares one aircraft. "Will everyone congregating in Gordon’s Bay move on. The local police have been notified and will be attending shortly."

They've also sent hundreds of army soldiers into eight districts covering Sydney’s poorest neighbourhoods, tasked with going door-to-door to check residents known to have tested positive for the coronavirus are isolating

[link to www.breitbart.com (secure)]

Because thousands of people have died in Australia from covid. No, wait ...

Civilisation is at a crossroads
"Unfortunately the Barbarians dwell among us and our country is grown so weak and pathetic that the Barbarians must be appeased in the name of diversity and cultural sensitivity"
~ Allison Pearson
Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/02/2021 10:11 AM
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Re: Police Helicopter Orders People Off Beaches, Hovers over Backyards Enforcing Australian Lockdown
People have been warned about this for decades, especially in Australia and New Zealand. The majority balked at it all and laughed. I'm sure even with all of this going on many are still balking and laughing and living in denial. It's the same in Canada, the UK, France. The majority aren't the ones fighting back or standing up to tyranny, despite how large the numbers may appear on videos it's a small percentage. Historically that's always been the case, revolutionaries and those fighting against dictators or totalitarian governments have never been large in number.

The majority will sit on their asses and laugh, whoever wins that's who they'll side with. New Zealand and Australia are totalitarian at this point and there's no denying it for anyone with common sense. People wanted safety and they sold out their freedom for the illusion of it. They allowed excessive gun control, the loss of the right to self defence, exessive government regulation and intrusion into their daily lives and this is the result. Regardless of what anyone says, the guns in America caused politicians and police in most places to think twice before actually engaging in any of the rhetoric they spewed. Clearly in Australia, the lack of gun ownership and the lack of a right to use them for defense encouraged the government to follow through. If anything, this should serve as a warning to the people of every nation. Take hold of your leaders and demand the right to keep and bear arms for self defence including defence against government and in America it should serve as a wake up call. It won't.