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Cytokine Storm

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United States
08/05/2021 05:00 PM
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Cytokine Storm
2nd hand info - TIFWIW

Cytokine Storm hits you fast and hard. You won't have time to do a lot of prep. One day you feel bad, the next you are in ICU not able to breathe.

There was a Jackie Chan guy here who had a thread on nicotine and antacid treatment (which was conveniently taken off market). This was great info and if you time it right, it will keep you from dying. You need to start this when you're having a sore throat and malaise, not when your lungs start burning...by then it's hitting you.

You won't know if you have a cold, Flu, Covid, etc. It's all the same - viral infection of the mucous lining.

Smokers and Vapers rarely get Cytokine Storm, as the lungs are already under duress. Although you won't get debilitating lung mucous bloom, you will still get a lot and it will take you longer to recover than someone who does not, so it has its disadvantages. Plus, risk of cancer and other harmful chemicals plus the heat...don't take these up just to avoid cytokine storm.

I'm really interested in the hydroxychloroquine, Zinc treatment as well. This seems like a valid hypotheses if the treatment timing is right but it doesn't pay well. Also, if you are doing this after the Cytokine Storm itself, you've already lost the battle.

This would apply to vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals.