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Do It FDA, I Freaking Dare You

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User ID: 76701602
United States
08/05/2021 09:08 PM
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Do It FDA, I Freaking Dare You
Do it, approve the death vax you fucking pussies.

To approve it, people have to sign their name to it. Be the ones that sign your name to that shit.

I've been the person whose signed my name to high liability potential shit. I've read thoroughly my employment contract and know exactly what signing on that line means.

Everyone else has plausible deniability and "believed you" when you signed off that was safe.

Your previous life is over as soon as you sign it. You will get obliterated by justice. Your entire family will live in shame.

You will be disowned by those closest to you. Thrown to the wolves and deservedly so.

You will likely die of suicide within 5 years whether that is your own choice or not.

So do it pussies. Sign the fucking approval so everyone can get the real party started.

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trolls vs bots - we live in a scifi world
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73887154
United States
08/05/2021 09:09 PM
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Re: Do It FDA, I Freaking Dare You