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lmao normalcy is literally gonna end within a year u dumb fks

User ID: 80716118
08/07/2021 11:54 PM
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lmao normalcy is literally gonna end within a year u dumb fks
I thought about making some long coherent post about whats about to happen but imma make it short because time is short.

Just a few facts for you dumbasses:

-Everyone who takes the jab will be dead/severly paralized within 2 years.

-There is absolutely no point in making future plans because society will collapse very soon and we will be living in the hunger games/purge world.

-Accept your imminent death... you will not survive unless you literally go live off the land in the woods somewhere, but 99.99% of people aren't equipped to do this.

-Everyone you love will die, you will die, so nothing matters at all, get wasted and do whatever the fuck you want with the time that you have left, you won't be here a year from now or if you are then you will suffer more than you can ever imagine.

-Yeah its doomed asf but its also liberating asf because you won't have to live in this clown world anymore.