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Subject Well-Rounded, Complete COVID Info from Dr. Richard Fleming - He's Taking Fauci (and others) to Nuremberg 2.0
Poster Handle Pres. Elect Festus Hoggbottom
Post Content
This is the most complete, single source of info on the whole damn thing that I've found. By far. Some of the info is rehashed between the two videos, but it's all quality.

He talks about (with plenty of studies and historical evidence) the origins, the incompetence, effective treatments (and the studies to back them up), the law around the EUA and vaccine, the ongoing and future effects of the vaccine, and his plan to hold everyone accountable who intentionally and knowingly created this virus for the explicit purpose of genocide largely at the expense of the US taxpayer.

[link to www.flemingmethod.com (secure)]
Website has all the vids, studies, treatment plans, costs, etc.
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