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Nurses fired for refusing the clotshot

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79358446
United States
09/03/2021 01:53 AM
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Nurses fired for refusing the clotshot
What a jerk.

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Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 79358446
United States
09/03/2021 01:55 AM
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Re: Nurses fired for refusing the clotshot

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

User ID: 77479307
United States
09/03/2021 02:38 AM

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Re: Nurses fired for refusing the clotshot
Hospitals have been killing patients by the thousands by massively cutting down RN numbers over the past to 10 years.

You are on a drip that needs to be titrated every 5 minutes 24/7 or you'll die plus you have about 18 other things going on.

Welp, your nurse has 8 other patients screaming at her because she isn't in their room right now. They are sharing one nurse with no help with 9 other people, and three of them are more critical than you. Staffing has been cut and critical patients get dumped on general wards on the orders of management. Nurse has no say, just liability.

Every other RN in the hospital is on her own with 9 patients and no help. Minimum wage support workers hanging out at the desk cannot and will not help, but the public will assume they are "nurses" and not comprehend how critically understaffed management has made the place, while having no accountability or liability for patient harm.

You die because your nurse left your room because her other patient was screaming for pain meds, and she got hit by five angry relatives on the way BACK to your room, who think she is "ignoring their dad". She gets blamed for your death, no one else.

Modern patients are shitshows, and anything more than 4 patients per nurse is death valley because the nurse cannot be multiple places at once. The death rate goes up significantly if management takes us down to one nurse to 6. Most of those people have critical things going on, and the ones who don't will be throwing tantrums trying to use the RN as one-to-one service staff, not giving a shit about what is going on with her other people.

In the last 2 years, they have taken us down to 9 patients per nurse and removed all support staff and all possible help that the nurse could have. They have killed more patients this way (and ruined more nurses) than even died in the "pandemic". There was no "pandemic" by the way.

Each year more nurses quit, and management hires UNDER the ones that leave and increase the patient-to-nurse ratio.

Doctors don't give a shit about any of this. The only thing they are involved in is creating a diagnosis and enabling an order set. They, in no way shape or form, get involved with your minute-by-minute care and critical tasks and do not know what is involved with all that for the nurse, and they don't care. They have liability for an order set, that's it.

Referring back to the scene I described above, it's her fault if you die because she was forced to be away from you because she had 8 other people with no help. He is only liable for diagnosing and prescribing and doesn't give a shit of the RN is overloaded. He doesn't even know what the RN staffing is on his patients' units or what that means.

Now, these hospitals KNOW that when they terminate all these shot decliners, their planned ratios are going to be 20 patients per nurse and neither pharmacy or lab will be functioning at all. KA-CHING! less nurses and dead patients actually save them money even if there are lawsuits. It has always been that way.

Meanwhile, they are going to cry to the public about a "nursing shortage". They WANT a reason to lose at least ANOTHER 1/3 of their RN staff on top of what they lost via natural wastage over the last 5 years, while crying wolf about a "nursing shortage". It is all about cost savings. Medicare instructed them to do this, because they are stealing the funding meant for the hospitals and don't want to fund safe nurse staffing levels.

How many people do you think they are going to kill, and blame "the pandemic"? I am sure they will blame shift onto the ones they fired for not having the shot.

My vaccinated colleagues tell me that when they fire us, they are all walking out too.

If you took on 20 patients as the lone nurse once all the terminated shot decliners are gone, you are going to have people you are responsible for getting killed because you cannot be 20 patients at once, and you have legal liability for that, not the jerks who set unsafe staffing levels, not the doctors.

Kiss health care services on the ground in your community bye bye.

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