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Message Subject The Alien Card – Strategy
Poster Handle Nibiru*is*flat
Post Content
Have to disagree with you on the nuke to fake impact thing.
Nukes have too specific a radiation signature, and well even long term charged comets do not have anything like them that we know of.
They would use a rail gun, mounted on a satellite , or maybe the moon , and load it with guess what, a big fucking rock
 Quoting: Nibiru*is*flat

No, I'm sure they'll just redirect a bunch of asteroids to end up on a collision course. China has already planned as mission to redirect asteroid 'Bennu' out of harms way.

Also makes one wonder, why mankind has sent recently so many probes to visit asteroids.

So the asteroids will be real asteroids, only their trajectory will not be natural. Maybe they'll even call it "an accident".
 Quoting: Karlgel

Or that ...but a rail gun , from a mounted craft could donthey same thing much more cheaply
 Quoting: Nibiru*is*flat

It takes a long time to alter th course of a large asteroid.
They could already have flying rail guns up there
 Quoting: Nibiru*is*flat

You have to match speeds and course with the object, Have to alter slowly enough with an object that either isn't known yet, or is thought to be possibly keyholed already, otherwise even amatures might notice th change of course.
But an unknown object , fired from close proximity , could be any unknown dark object coming in, plausible to deny. Heap , easy , simple
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