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Message Subject The Alien Card – Strategy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
that's all you need to know.

Ok moreover -
NWO is a utopian concept designed to take down
the western civilization and enslave it.
The Asians will never go along with it
neither will Islamic world.

Breakaway civilization can function within society
undetected and thus has a option to wipe it out,
inheriting earth without the need for the alien card.

Aliens are itching to take out planet out - too liberal
for their taste, too much Sodom and Gomorrah stuff surfacing, genetic degeneracy increasing...

Thus we must defeat JWO model, its destructive programming like moral liberalism, marxism, racial mixing, ( one race model ), feminism, sodom and gomorrah programming and more... step 1.

else, we will be wiped out ... either by internal FALL of MAN or from above.
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