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Message Subject The Alien Card – Strategy
Poster Handle My Foolish Daydream
Post Content
Have to disagree with you on the nuke to fake impact thing.
Nukes have too specific a radiation signature, and well even long term charged comets do not have anything like them that we know of.
They would use a rail gun, mounted on a satellite , or maybe the moon , and load it with guess what, a big fucking rock
 Quoting: Nibiru*is*flat

Good Point- See this is why GLP is a great think tank. Can't they just say the asteroid was radioactive?
 Quoting: MAGNUS 74

Find me a radiative asteroid to the same thresholds of nuclear devices, one ever studied
 Quoting: Nibiru*is*flat

It wouldn't even matter. As we've seen the media reads scripts and they control all narratives. Anyone saying the "asteroid" was a nuke would be silenced and ridiculed on a global scale. Look at the covid shit. Can't even say anything negative about vaccines.
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