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Nurses and Doctors Are Not Heros- Unpopular Opinion

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United States
09/12/2021 02:05 PM
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Nurses and Doctors Are Not Heros- Unpopular Opinion
Nurses and doctors are not heroes. They never have been and never will be.

"bUt NuRsEs & dOcToRs aRe hIgHlY EdUcAtEd"

Sure they may know more about the human body, health, science, and chemistry more than the average person, but that does not make them a deity worthy of worship. So many people within the health-care industry believe they are "god" just because they have the knowledge to save a life or take a life.

"bUt NuRsEs & dOcToRs RiSk tHeIr oWn LiVes"

Pre-pandemic, most doctors and nurses probably never though that an actual pandemic would occur in their lifetime, much less during their career. I bet if most "health care professionals" knew what was coming, they would have never signed up. Why do you think so many nurses are quitting their jobs? They don't want to get jabbed, but they sure didn't mind jabbing their customers/"patients". They clearly don't care about the public they serve and have no problem prescribing them narcotics or other dangerous drugs such as chemotherapy. They also don't mind burning patients with radiation or removing them off life support. They only care about making money off their customers and their families.

"bUt NuRsEs & dOcToRs ReAlLy JuSt cArE aBoUt hElPiNg OtHeRs"

If nurses suddenly were forced to work for an hourly wage plus commissions for every "heroic" act they completed, you bet your bottom dollar the nursing industry would significantly shrink.