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Heroes to Terrorists

User ID: 80869014
United States
09/14/2021 06:54 PM
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Heroes to Terrorists
My hometown is extremely small: About 850 permanent residents, no street lights, 1 stop sign. It takes longer to purchase a Coke and pack of gum at the store than it takes to drive there.

Word of warning to those driving here... don't blink.

When this "pandemic" started, a number of businesses were deemed "essential" and 'allowed' to remain open. Now, I'm not even going to get started on a government (local or otherwise) determining what business is "essential," or which people are "essential."

What I will share is regarding those "essential" businesses/workers (Troopers, Paramedics, Health Clinic workers, USPS employees, local store/gas station workers, etc) who continued to serve those in their communities during the "outbreak" of the "pandemic."

I know a large number of these workers personally, as it's a very small town. I don't force my opinions of any of these mandates on them and vice versa. But they are still respected for the jobs they have done and continue to do.

How is it that all of them were hailed as Heroes for doing their jobs prior to the vaccinations, without vaccinations, and now for refusing vaccinations, to suddenly hear from the government that they are now considered Domestic Terrorists?

IF this were really about public health, a great many of these past Heroes who are unvaccinated would be drafted into service to do their work for fellow unvaccinated citizens.

In fact, there would be no need for talk about this, it would be put into play immediately. Nobody would be fired or out of a job. You would simply be told to report to a location established for this purpose.

I fully support those who have chosen to NOT receive the vax. I also fully support those that have chosen to do so. I wouldn't hesitate to speculate that a great number of these Heroes already have a natural immunity, built up possible exposure in the line of duty.

A question I have numerous times: "Why can't I just be tested for the anti-bodies?" My answer is that I believe they can't/won't do so because there is NO anti-body test. How can you test for something that does not exist? They control all methods of testing, etc. Therefore, they control all methods of identification of who may have "it."

To all of the Heroes out there: Remain strong in your convictions. There are many out there, such as myself, who respect the sacrifice you make daily for us, our families, and friends. Stay strong.