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Large Corporation Allowing Fully Vaxxed Positives to Work

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28910316
United States
09/15/2021 11:59 AM
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Large Corporation Allowing Fully Vaxxed Positives to Work
I work for a large corporation, and overheard a conversation not meant for my ears. The H R director was informing another director that an employee had COVID and was being tested. The H R director said they informed the employee to come into work anyway because they are fully vaccinated. They also said the employee got it from another employee, who is also the employee’s roommate. Then, they discussed a situation that happened about a month ago where one employee called out, and they allowed the roommate to come to work with symptoms! Everybody suspected because this employee had a horrible cough.
Here’s the worst part; everyone is supposed to be notified when a coworker tests positive, except 3 of these cases weren’t reported. Only the unvaxxed employee case was reported. A very large corporation is not reporting COVID positives if the employee is fully vaccinated, and they are allowing them to work. So, who are the superspreaders?