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Shedding: fully vaccinated at risk from newly vaccinated?

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09/18/2021 08:03 AM
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Shedding: fully vaccinated at risk from newly vaccinated?
Not sure why this is not a thing in the mainstream.
Shedding is absolutely possible and therefore cannot be ignored until it was shown that it is not significant.

Many "unvaccinated" experience problems when around "vaccinated. Shedding has been proposed as an explanation.
Would make sense, especially in people with immunity against such virus with spike protein.
But also the spike protein itself is problematic (fact) and may lead to issues via shedding.

So how about the "vaccinated"?
They have primed immune system against specifically this spike protein! Plus they have loads of it inside already with the according issues that it is causing.

Say father or mother gets "vaccinated" in April. Shedding a bit. All good so far. Then e.g. children get "vaccinated" (horrible in inself) in September.
Shedding in the house ... Mother is already clear to fight this protein wherever it shows up (except where most likely in real infection, nose, mouth etc. - other story ...).
Will mother now have very severe reactions that are so far considered "vaccine" side-effects but not via shedding?

If not, that would either indicate f... up immune system or no shedding occurs or it is irrelevant.
Would also be good to know for pinpointing what causes issues in "unvaccinated".

Plus: can prior exposure to shedding create a worse reaction to "vaccine" once "vaccination" takes place?
If so, last to get "vaccinated" will have worst side-effects, from prior exposure and from shedding ongoing.

Anyway, just wondering.
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