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Subject Remote Viewers Confirm Negative Effects of Mass COVID Vaccination
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
Fantastic report, read it through entirely:

North American Vaccination Fallout
[link to www.intuitiveunderground.com (secure)]

This project was designed as an objective fact-finding mission, a means of “looking ahead” in time at the outcome of a particular event. Conversely, one could equally well regard this report as an historical perspective, conveniently made available now.

This study was conducted by a team of highly trained and experienced (military-grade) professional remote viewers and students using the Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) method. TRV is a scientifically-developed, military intelligence-derived data collection tool: a teachable and repeatable method of acquiring accurate and objective information about any subject, in a strictly defined and procedural manner, using one’s mental faculties alone, i.e. a specific and proven form of psychic functioning. Note that in spite of its formal title, RV-generated data is not strictly confined to that which is visually detectable, but virtually any perceivable concept.


In summation: no positive outcomes to this pervasive mass injection campaign have been identified. Alongside numerous incidental findings, our primary discovery regarding this effort is its abject failure in accomplishing its nominal purpose, i.e. to protect human life. In fact, it appears the precise opposite is true. Not only will these products ultimately fail to deliver on their much anticipated promise, they will, in eventuality, be proven the cause of their very own severely injurious epidemic.

Symptoms of injury can only be described as numerous, the result of varying and system-wide damage, and will include: microscopic intravenous and organ tissue damage (tearing, bleeding, clotting) resulting in inflammation and scarring, autoimmune responses, issues related to female reproduction (tissue damage and rejection), blood toxicity, and a consequentially negative emotional impact.

The mechanisms we have identified appear, based on our research, to include: introduction of freely circulating toxic lipid nano-particles, and / or (case dependent) the system-wide presence of spike protein (likely cellularly embedded and also in free circulation).

The number of confirmed cases of each identified symptom (and likely others) will grow drastically with widening recognizance and diagnoses. The accumulation of individual cases will be significant, more so the longer it takes for broad understanding and acceptance of the nature of any seemingly emergent issues.

The precise rate of occurrence and degree of debilitation and mortality is unknown, but significant.

No timetable is available, though one might expect that these effects are presently occurring, either in their early (pre-manifest) stages, or unrecognized as causally-related to injection. A delayed official admission of such incredible failure is expected.
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