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Message Subject Remote Viewers Confirm Negative Effects of Mass COVID Vaccination
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
[link to www.intuitiveunderground.com (secure)]

Forecast’s Abstract:

The legacy of the west’s attempted eradication of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 and its variants by way of mass injection is one of failure. Its hallmarks: good PR and bad science, its signature: human injury. This initial probe / overview of the mass injection experiment’s outcome gives no indication that these so-called “vaccines” are effective in achieving their stated goal.

Inversely, our results indicate an abundance of negative human health effects, ranging from (potentially) debilitating to deadly. A number of wide-ranging symptoms were identified, including, but not necessarily limited to, vascular and cardiovascular disease, female reproductive issues, autoimmune disorders, and more. The precise scope and scale of the damage is indeterminate, but of great significance.

Below are the paraphrased results of each remote viewing session conducted in service of this project. All participants remained blind to the target at the time of the following session descriptions, where after final analysis was conducted (see Conclusions).

Note that results stemming from such an open-ended target may elicit a range of responses from individual remote viewers, some broad, some more narrow and defined, depending on what particular aspect(s) of the target are identified while in-session.

Viewer One:

There’s something wrong - there’s some sort of growth or something, a protuberance inside someone’s ventricle. There’s something else, too. There are toxins present - these remind me of nano-bots or something. There is toxicity in the bloodstream.

And there’s this idea…it’s like outpatient care…where some noted deficiency which I assume to be these issues I’ve identified, are being watched, observed. But there’s the idea of having to wait in line, like there’s a lineup where you have to wait for treatment or surgery.

This reminds me of a slaying - a purposeful killing in some way. I guess this is being done on purpose for some reason?

So you’ve got this idea of a heart with a bulge or growth, something like that. And it’s being watched or monitored in a kind of outpatient way. And there’s blood toxicity. Probably the two are related. There’s also the idea of using metals, maybe colloidal metals like copper and zinc, in removing the toxins that are causing this - and maybe even something mechanical, like a dialysis machine, something to help filter this stuff out of the bloodstream.
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