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Message Subject Remote Viewers Confirm Negative Effects of Mass COVID Vaccination
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
[link to www.intuitiveunderground.com (secure)]

Viewer Two:

My session is really kind of general, kind of broad. I would really have to explore each of these ideas more to get any real specifics out of the work here, but the general ideas that come up are: this target is some sort of an intervention. There’s the idea of having to resort to a roadmap leading to something that is conspicuous and fragile, but I don’t know exactly what that’s referring to at this point. There are some other important ideas here - we’ve got a sense of restlessness and a sense of morbidity. But I don’t know specifically what it means.

I’m sorry but I really can’t be any more specific about anything at this point. I’d have to explore each of these ideas individually to see exactly what they’re all about. Unfortunately that’s really all I can say with confidence without digging into it more [engaging in further RV session work].

Viewer Three*:

Overall, this is a centralization process where people are being led into a trap. There is large-scale victimization; people are injured, stressed-out and upset. There are a lot of negative emotions present, as well as a noted ‘dopey’ feeling. My emotional response to this target was VERY negative.

*-Note: this remote viewer also occupied the role of project manager, and was therefore aware of the nature of the target in this sole instance, negating the ability to adhere to standard blind protocol. This work was done concurrently, but independently from all other data collection efforts, and not revealed until the primary analysis of the data was completed.

Viewer Four:

So…there’s a lot going on here, and it’s a little bit confusing. The simplest way I can describe it, is that we are looking at a damaged human zygote and placenta material. It’s being used for examination and reference, like it’s in a lab or something. I get the idea that this one specific example is representative of something bigger.

The damage that’s caused…it looks like something foreign is introduced here. It’s some kind of a ‘spiky’ or ‘hooked’ little ball thing. It ‘shoots in’ and then it causes all these little micro-tears or fine shreds. This somehow brings about the creation of a bunch of little yellowish Y-shaped things [see Fig. 5] that reminds me of pus somehow - it’s like a massive ‘storm’ or a ‘brigade’.

And then there’s this idea of rejection, something being rejected or even ejected, like the ‘host’ is turning on itself somehow. It’s definitely some sort of a process gone wrong. And I get the impression that this was anticipated - not by everyone, but certainly by some.

This process, it’s all organic, but at the same time, it’s some sort of ‘dumb’ technology that’s in-use here (as opposed to so-called ‘smart-tech’). Regardless, it’s causing some irreversible problems. And that’s about it, that’s mainly what’s going on here, at least in as simple of terms as I can explain it - it’s pretty complicated, and I might even be conflating one or two things, but the general idea is clear enough, I think.
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