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Message Subject Remote Viewers Confirm Negative Effects of Mass COVID Vaccination
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
Listed below are our conclusions, or what we have determined to be the end results of this mass human injection campaign. Note that it is not our goal to connect any of our findings to any pre-existing narrative, official or otherwise. As such, our final analysis and conclusions are presented independent of any other available information, save for the generally accepted open-source materials used for scientific and medical reference in compiling this report. In an attempt to remain as objective as possible, inferences and editorial commentary have been willfully kept to a conservative minimum.

By nature, the results borne of an open-ended target such as this are expected to be widely varied among participating viewers, with some focusing on a singular, narrower aspect of the whole, and others providing a broader perspective. This exercise has proven no different. Hence, it is likely that there is more to these circumstances that has not been positively identified through our successful, but limited probe. It is reasonable to assume, based on professional experience, that the items we have isolated represent a reliable overview of the greater situation.

Following are the preeminent historical characteristics of the currently ongoing mass-injection campaign as identified by our preliminary RV study, presented under 11 distinct categories, and in no particular order:

1. Blood Toxicity*

We have identified the occurrence of an unspecified vascular (blood-borne) disease or diseases. This appears to be in direct relation to the presence of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) [see Fig. 1], the novel delivery system adopted for use in the novel mRNA injections, produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, among others. LNPs are a synthetic delivery mechanism, designed to carry mRNA to its target destination, and facilitate its release, inducing an immune response. LNPs can consist of a variety of materials, although the most common at present seem to be polyethylene glycols (PEGs).

Theoretically, the LNPs should deliver their mRNA payload to the desired location, in this case, by anchoring themselves to the muscle at the injection site. Evidently that is not the situation, and it appears that at least some of these particles fail to anchor, finding their way into general circulation.

The precise frequency and consequence of occurrence is indeterminate, but significant.

2. Cardiovascular Disease*

We have identified the occurrence of an unspecified cardiovascular (heart) disease or diseases in association with the presence of some amount of an unidentified and freely circulating particulate. This could be the toxic LNP, or the spike protein (see 4. Organ Damage). Symptoms observed include some notable protrusion or swelling - possibly myocarditis / pericarditis - as well as lasting reparative damage, possibly as a result of inflammation [see Fig. 2].

The viewer was insistent that this condition is generally not fatal in isolation, presuming it is recognized and cared for in reasonable time.

The precise frequency and severity of occurrence is indeterminate, but significant, and will vary individually.

3. Female Reproduction*

We have identified the occurrence of a damaged and rejected zygote with placental material. The damage appears to include visible scarring / tearing [see Fig. 3]. The precise frequency of occurrence is indeterminate, but significant.

4. Organ Damage*

We have identified the occurrence of internal (inter-organ, and possibly veinous) micro-lacerations, described as a form of “shredding”. This appears to be the result of the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 associated spike protein [see Fig. 4], wherein its jagged protein shell lacerates any organic material it encounters. In isolation, this is unlikely an issue, however in abundance and over time, this will likely present symptomatically as inflammation, bleeding, clotting, scarring, or other forms of tissue and organ damage.

This may prove relative to - or even directly causal of - any of the aforementioned afflictions, particularly our unspecified vascular and cardiovascular disease(s) and the notable female fertility issue(s).

The precise frequency, severity, and ensuing complications of occurrence are indeterminate, but significant.
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