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Message Subject Remote Viewers Confirm Negative Effects of Mass COVID Vaccination
Poster Handle DiXie
Post Content
5. Cytokine Storm and Antibody-Dependant Enhancement*

We have identified the occurrence of a cytokine storm, in this case, a form of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

ADE refers an autoimmune condition that enhances the virulence of a given pathogen - purportedly SARS-CoV-2, but seemingly, in fact, (at least inclusive of) its spike protein shell - causing the body’s immune system to become overstimulated, effectively turning one’s own immune system against oneself. Cytokine storm is a blanket term applied to the sudden increase of certain inflammation-inducing proteins in circulation - in this case, the apparent result of an autoimmune response involving, or triggered by, the presence of an endogenous (internally generated) antigen [see Fig. 5]. This process may also serve as the mechanism by which the previously described “damaged zygote with placental material” is rejected.

The precise frequency and severity of occurrence is indeterminate, but significant.

6. Mortality

The concept of mortality was directly and indirectly referenced extensively throughout the raw data collected in service of this project. The precise scope and scale is indeterminate, however it is expected to be historically significant.

A number of the conditions identified in this report appear to be generally survivable - if properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. This does not, however, exclude the possibility of other long-term debilitating effects or other physical limitations, such as strenuous bodily exertion, incurred as a result of any already extant and irreversible damage.

7. Foreknowledge

Session work indicates that certain individuals involved in this campaign - likely in the upper echelons of public and global health structures, and their counterparts and benefactors in the private sector - anticipated this outcome. Our data set contains numerous indicators of malfeasance, including one direct reference to the purposeful killing of humans.

Foreknowledge does not necessarily, however, imply nefarious intent (which must be determined on a case-by-case basis). Indeed, a number of highly qualified individuals have issued various warnings, while receiving virtually no support - or even acknowledgement - from the establishment scientific, political, and media class. Dr. Michael Yeadon (retired Pfizer VP and Chief Scientific Advisor), Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (former chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee), Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (formerly employed by GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccine technology), are just a few of the names repeatedly encountered in researching for this report, whose warnings remain unrecognized and unheeded.

The calibre of some of these individuals’ accomplishments alone should grant their concerns some attention and serious consideration by a plethora of authoritative regulatory bodies, but this seems not to be the case.

8. System Overload

Data indicates the necessity of having to “wait in line” to receive treatment, and an abundance of “outpatient care”. This indicates a systemic backlog of individuals requiring care, either as a result of a sudden influx of new patients, a scarcity of caretakers and caretaking facilities and supplies, or a combination of both.

Though not explicitly stated, it could be inferred that the occurrence of some of the previously noted conditions - in particular, but not limited to the presence of a freely circulating toxic lipid nanoparticle with accompanying organ damage could have some effect on reserve blood supplies, and on organ donor status candidacy.

9. Potential Remedies

Session work indicates that an external mechanical filtration process akin to kidney dialysis may prove helpful in alleviating some blood-borne disease related symptoms that may manifest.

Colloidal metals, such as copper and zinc, are also referenced as having some remedial or pro-immunological properties.

10. Emotional Impact

In remote viewing terms, any emotional data acquired in-session is sub-categorized as either objective (emotions associated with or experienced by the target) and subjective (the viewer’s personal and often spontaneous emotional response to the target). Consensus among project participants is that the sum of emotional data collected is overwhelmingly negative.

11. Outliers

One project participant, a student we are working with, presented the team with some seemingly anomalous, yet rather intriguing results. The viewer states that their session describes the act of somehow and for some reason harvesting the energy of humans, and specifically referencing the importance of sweat.

These results have been included in this report because a) the student has a solid track record, b) the data could be construed as thematically or perhaps metaphorically similar in its overarching concept to that of the project results as a whole, and c) for completion’s sake.

*Note: these numerous discrete human health problems identified describe, in singular-case terms, effects that are representative of, and will be experienced by a wider sample of the population.ted (see next section).

[link to www.intuitiveunderground.com (secure)]
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