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On the subject of freedom and free countries versus those countries that are not

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United States
09/25/2021 10:52 AM
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On the subject of freedom and free countries versus those countries that are not
Reading threads like how Italy is telling companies not to pay their unjabbed workers or looking at other less free countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Israel, it is apparent that in the US, we are tenuously holding on to one of the last "almost" free nations on earth.

Let me be a little more clear.

Property taxes means we do not live in a free society.
Total government control over big tech and the media means we do not live in a free society.

Guns and the constitution means we aren't as fucked up freedom wise as what we are hearing about in those other countries.

What that means is that what little freedom we still do have is PRECIOUS and the rest of the planet lacks even that level of freedom...what we have is so precious and the rest of the world being even more dangerous, we are surrounded on all sides by tyranny...

I see 2 options.

Protect what we have from tyranny and even try to get more freedom in the US to stop it from getting worse. Protect our borders from the rest of the world.


Emancipation planet wide in order to ensure we are not on an island of tenuous levels of freedom threatened by tyranny on all sides.

Both arguments have merit but lets look at them both.

America had an isolationist mentality back in the day. The idea that we could liberate the rest of the world seemed absurd and we enjoyed what freedom we had here back in the day and people flocked here from all over the world to enjoy that freedom. We don't particularly like people flocking here anymore. That much is apparent. If you haven't noticed 2nd generation Mexicans working as citizens in the US but still wearing masks outside scared of the virus, they brought their fear of tyranny with them from the countries they fled while more white americans who have been here enjoying freedom for a few generations or so rejecting the masks and standing up for their rights...more influx of people over the border means more people afraid of being deported bringing their mentality of wear you mask in your car while going through the drive through is "aye okay"...that's going the wrong direction and handing freedom away without so much as a fight...so that direction is problematic and leads to the view to shut down the borders but shutting down borders can work both ways and when you don't let people in, they might not let you out either and if the shit hits the fan, people used to run to Mexico or Canada -- but if that is no longer a viable option...are we in our own prison here too?

Then there is the global police state going out to other countries to "liberate" them from their tyrants but that always amounts to really the elites ensuring their banking schemes, oil and big money extend into every nook and cranny and never amounts to creating freedom all over the planet as advertised. So, that approach got poisoned at the well from the get go.

So, another approach is needed and it must start with restoring freedom first locally and then others must do that as well for themselves in their locales.

Our power lies in the fact that we have guns, in our knowledge of the constitution, in our ability to operate either bravely and alone or constructively and together. Those traits are useful whether in the US or in Australia or Canada or in the UK...and when will New Zealand fight back?

So far, only a handful of smaller countries have stood up.

Iceland kicked the bankers out and declared themselves free.

Denmark rejected mandatory vaxxes by their whole population and declared covid over.

Sweden resisted locking down and is declaring covid over.

Australians are over-running the cops; the struggle continues but at least they are willing to take matters into their own hands.

Canadians are going to the food court with the laws on their phones and able to convince local cops to back off and let them eat without being jabbed.

In the US, West Hollywood says no businesses without vaxxes and what is done about it; fuck West Hollywood is what is done about it...in the US, we are a million tiny cities and if one can live somewhere else, one moves...but these restrictions always spread if not stamped out where they pop up.

A strategy of non complacency must be adopted to effectively control the spread of tyranny.

There must be violence in order to stop tyranny, but violence comes at a price and some lose their freedom when engaging in it even when justified and for the cause of freedom, but if enough people act in unison, tyranny retreats into the shadows again, so what is it going to be?

Hide from tyranny and watch it spread from one place to another tip toe style...

Or stamp it out in unison with great force and a united stance and push it back into the shadows and give it pause?

Will there be a public outcry...some sort of march, signs for freedom, a rock in a window of a store that discriminates? What will it take and who will take part in the overthrowing of tyranny in our streets?
Pickle Lake

User ID: 79670919
09/25/2021 11:34 AM

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Re: On the subject of freedom and free countries versus those countries that are not
No Covid mandates in Afghanistan.

No Covid mandates or passports required to visit Xinjiang. In 2020, Xinjiang became the world's most popular tourist destination, hosting 148 million visitors. CNN and Fox would have you believe that there is anti-Muslim genocide happening there, so they don't want you to see for yourself.

When American journalists asked a Taliban spokesperson if they would guarantee free speech in Afghanistan, he told them to concern themselves with Facebook and Twitter censorship in their own country.

A country that oppresses and occupies other people will not be able to preserve its own freedoms. Empires suppress freedom. The vaccine mandates are being rolled out in Australia, Canada, and Europe first, because these are vassal countries. The Homeland will be next.