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Does anyone know the name of, or any details about this movie?

saturnine rising
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09/27/2021 10:07 PM
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Does anyone know the name of, or any details about this movie?
I've tried posting about this on a couple of reddit forums, but have had no luck. Because of the subject matter, it's possible GLP users may have more information.

Sometime around 2010, give or take a year either side, I was on some conspiracy site and there was a link to a movie trailer on another site. The movie was a feature film about the 911 Terrorist attacks in 2001. BUT, it was played out as though all the conspiracy theories were real.

The things I remember seeing in the trailer include:-
* A fighter pilot shooting down the shanksville plane.
* A cruise missile hitting the Pentagon.
* Scenes of bombs going off in the twin towers causing the collapse.
* People being forced off a passenger plane and into some kind of "?bunker?" (there was possibly a NASA logo in this scene somewhere)
* Two passenger planes "switch places" mid air, one passing underneath the other.
* Showing that the planes that hit the Towers were packed with explosives and remote controlled.

The other scenes in the trailer are lost to memory. It was coming out a few months after I saw it, but I never followed it up and then just forgot about it. It possibly has "Terror" in the title, but I can't be certain. Most likely a B-Grade kind of movie, with some (from what I recall) impressive CGI for the time.

I've never seen the film, can't recall the title. It was definitely NOT a documentary, it was a feature film.
I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere. I'm also starting to ask am I gaslighting myself lol. I'm even open to the idea that the trailer was all that ever existed, and the movie was some kind of parody or someone's "what if?" concept. (Kind of like the College Humour live action Daria trailer.)

Any way. Does anyone know what this film is (or might be)? Thanks in Advance for any feedback.