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User ID: 80926154
09/28/2021 06:09 PM
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Last night I had a hard ride while trying to sleep because my four sub-personalities told me their names with their thinkings. I feared since a while this could happen and asked them to wait with it until I'm ready.

I totally know what a psychiatrist would say: That I became muliphrene and made me a detailled and perfect illusion. It all depends on the question if the Corpus Callosum is a data-highway or an organic CPU.
If it's a data-highway then I'm completely mad, but if it's an organic CPU, then I'm right and sane and a pioneer. Not the first one, there were others who found other ways into that new land than me. As Esoterican, as metaphysician, as psychologist, as priest or whatever. And many as patient of a psychiatry.
But I'm maybe the first one who found it as technician, as computer-nerd. I do not fear them. I know they are not demons or gods or from afterlife or whatever the others have imagined. For me they are only persons generated in my four sub-processors, my four brain-hemisspheres. Maybe they are more but for the moment this is enough for me.

The name-giving was a bit like a birth. As first came the warrior (or fight-animal). Then together my pacifist (or flight animal) and my idealistic cooperator. Their names are similar and female. And as last came my thinker. He is really a badass and often tells me hidden crazy stuff about the world which is often astonishing for me and making me speechless.
He told me he has choosen the name of his idol, and I don't want to say this name for a good reason. And also not the names of the others, it's too intimate.

I also fear they would like to have voices. I said them this would be too much and they should not do this, and that it's enough if I can "hear" their thinkings, which is enough to communicate.

I can't go back, because I came out of a nightmare and will never go back there. Either I'm a pioneer or I'm a madman.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78402905
United States
09/28/2021 06:32 PM
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Re: Awakening
Thanks for sharing. Wild.