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Subject CoVid-19 Shots/Vaccines and Tattoos
Poster Handle CNews113p
Post Content
A Mistake With you for life.

Regret when you realize you made a mistake that you can not ever undo.

A Mark forever that alters how people view you,
and your ability to make good choices.

Life Long Lasting Negative Effects on:
Life Expectancy

Just as many Employers do not want to hire
Smokers, Drinkers, Drug Users because of the
Effects on Health and Reliability, In the
Years to come anyone still living who took the CoVid Shots
will be looked at as a Dangerous RISK to

You might say, but Employers have NO Right to demand
to know your Health/Vaccine Shot Status when Hiring you.
That is True, but When you take your Drug Test to prove
you are NOT taking Illegal Drugs, they could use your
Drug Screen to WEED Sick/Stupid People out who
Treat their Bodies as a Science Experiment.

Employers have NO Right to Ask you if you have or plan
on having Children, or Telling you NOT to have Children.
Just as they have NO Right to tell you to take Birth
Control, or take a Drug/Vaccine for ANY Reason.
When you realize that CoVid Shots have Killed and Injured
Millions of People and Destroyed Lives and Families, those
Asking or Demanding People take them are TERRORISTS.
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