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Video chat needs a ticker that runs all of the first page thread titles.

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10/09/2021 10:47 PM

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Video chat needs a ticker that runs all of the first page thread titles.

At the very least, it should run the pinned thread topic headers.

That way people in the video chat can see what is happening on the forum without needing to split screen the tabs.

Good idea?

Don't know if that would be an easy addition or not? idk

I think it would be a good idea though, as I imagine a lot of people who would otherwise respond on the forum are not, because they can't see what is happening on it, especially if they have the chat as full screen.

Just my thoughts.

I noticed the forum kinda goes dead almost and I think that is because lot of members are in the video chat and so are not participating in the forum like they otherwise would.

At the very least, members might want to use split screen between the forum and video chat.

The text chat function is a great tool to use for members to bump threads also. Just paste* the link in there. Or get external links and post them with the headline.

I like the fact that these can all work in tandem if people know how to do it properly. cool2

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