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Top 10 US Government and CDC COVID-19 FAILS Since the Scamdemic Began

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United States
10/12/2021 02:17 PM

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Top 10 US Government and CDC COVID-19 FAILS Since the Scamdemic Began
Good article to send to those on the fence about the failure of the government's response to COVID!!!

(Natural News) For all the unvaccinated Americans watching the scamdemic dismantle, it’s just reassurance that natural immunity is the key to optimum functionality, in the short and long term. We are all witnessing, thanks to truth media, the vaccinated “sheeple” suffer new chronic ailments or “hyper” versions of what they’re already suffering from. Inflammation for the vaccinated has increased so badly that many of them are suffering from myocarditis on top of already battling diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Now all those symptoms are rearing their ugly heads, and the medical quacks are pointing the finger at the unvaccinated, or anything and everything EXCEPT the vaccines and masks. What a big surprise.

[link to www.naturalnews.com (secure)]


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