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Message Subject Remember the Boston dynamics four legged robots that made the hair on your neck stand. Look now. Weaponized.
Poster Handle roguetechie81
Post Content
It is really pretty easy to build an EMP "gun".

There are even how-to vids up on youtube.

You can scale them up to any size, should the cyborgs get unleashed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80713537

An easy to make emp device? Doubt it's easy to make. What energy source will drive it? AAA batteries? The grid will be down before these things are walking up the block.
 Quoting: Dustybunny

If you don’t know electronics just say that… lol

They are super fucking simple to make…

So are nets, and traps for robots…

You think this is gonna be difficult, it’s gonna be fun!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78008350

Nets and traps for robots?

So in other words you have no fucking idea what you're talking about...

The robo dogs that are one or two sizes smaller than this one can't even be knocked over or slowed down from getting where it's going by an entire crowd of adult males kicking it trying to get in it's way etc.

These little fuckers also have extremely good motion control and pathing capabilities combined with sensors that will make it avoid the traps with ease that it can't just power it's way through anyway.

Also the irony of you telling someone they must not know electronics at all when talking about how easy it is to make EMP devices (which are going to be pretty much entirely worthless against these thingS anyway) is just too much for me.
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