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Message Subject Remember the Boston dynamics four legged robots that made the hair on your neck stand. Look now. Weaponized.
Poster Handle roguetechie81
Post Content
FFS. Just hit it with your truck. Park on top of it.
 Quoting: Boss351Mustang

Easy to say when 6.5 Creedmoor rounds are flying through your windshield along with whatever other shit they are equipped with. I have a feeling they are only weaponized to get close enough to give target locations to the drones. Who needs "nukes and f-15s" when you can send a dog robot with a high powered rifle on top to tell your predator drones where to send the patriot missiles. We are funding our oppressors. Paying taxes is a form of Stockholm syndrome at this point.
 Quoting: Dustybunny

So what genuinely scares me way more than the killer robots is the number of people responding to this thread who are entirely arrogant and self assured about their ability to "handle these robots" through any number of idiotic "strategies" that just flat wouldn't have worked against the big dog robots from a decade ago much less these fuckers.

The blind confidence of idiots all over this thread genuinely makes me worry for the future.
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