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Message Subject Remember the Boston dynamics four legged robots that made the hair on your neck stand. Look now. Weaponized.
Poster Handle roguetechie81
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The fear of these things is a bit absurd. They could kill you just as easily today if they wanted to, with a drone strike, dews, poisons, etc. You are at their mercy no matter what method of execution they choose to deploy.

How many of these things do you think they really have? Enough to patrol an entire city? Because even that would cost in the high billions, probably.
 Quoting: Rou

See the way you're framing this ASSUMES (very wrongly) that money works the same for them as it does for us, it doesn't.

Also you're off by a large number of zeros on how many it'd cost to patrol a small city.

At absolute most one of those including gun, casing, and robot is $100-$150k (probably more like 50-70k or even less) which puts you in the 10-20 per million dollars range. If you go to 1/3 overlapping fires 20 of these can cover a frontage of multiple miles to one mile deep.

Considering how you'd actually WANT to deploy them this means that 10-20 million dollars worth of them could make a shockingly large town/suburb a murderously deadly place to be. So with a billion dollars you could easily control the key outlying suburbs in a ring around a single good size urban metropolitan zone. As forces go, that's staggeringly cheap.

But again, all that assumes money works the same for them as it does for us, which it doesn't.

The only REAL LIMIT they would have on these is the total number they can manufacture, support, and keep in the field at any given time. That number is a lot less easy to pin down but figure that this year and next year it's probably somewhere between $100 million and a billion dollars worth of them escalating higher over time and as they get sustainment and back end supply lines sorted out.

This is the glaring massive problem with these conversations on GLP though, people here still honestly think 1 billion dollars much less 10 or a 100 is a lot of money when it stopped being about money as we think of it/count it at least a decade or two ago.

The dollar cost argument is entirely a red herring that misses what's going on.
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