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Message Subject Remember the Boston dynamics four legged robots that made the hair on your neck stand. Look now. Weaponized.
Poster Handle roguetechie81
Post Content
Practice your roping skills.
Rope them like a goat and take them out with an angle grinder when they are down.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77504347

Agree. Rope may be the most effective against them. Black paint as well if they aren't equipped with sonar.
 Quoting: Dustybunny

You better have a dozen other friends making sure that one is actually alone before you try to rope it or you're going to take a 6.5 Creed bullet to the face out of the blue about the time the rope slides around one of them.

Remember, 1200 METERS!

If another one is within 1200 meters when you let that rope lasso fly it will already have fired it's first shot before your body can follow through and make sure the lasso flies true.

They also won't be alone, they will be supported by disturbingly quiet ISR uav which will be keeping the robo dog you're stalking and it's buddy overwatching the one you're stalking and angling to shoot you before you can hurt the one you're stalking informed on exactly where you are.

This is something to understand, if these get used...

You will NEVER be facing just one of them. They will never be alone without ISR assets overhead passing information to them about what and who is on the ground near them and they're likely to have humans nearby too who will also be protecting them/working with them.

You can't treat these as a stand alone threat that will be operating unsupported/alone because that's not how they use these systems.

If you're envisioning fighting these things one on one you've already missed the point of what they are/how they're going to operate.
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