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Hypothesis: Transgenders are the Canary in the Coal Mine

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10/14/2021 02:45 PM
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Hypothesis: Transgenders are the Canary in the Coal Mine
Just a thought:

I get how the transgender and LGBTQRSTUV stuff is a completely subversive attack in and of itself, but to me, it seems like it could mean less to TPTB than it does to us or them.

I remember when we first started hearing all this outlandish crap coming our of Canada with the psychologist and the pronouns and all that stuff. It's like what the f*^&? Who gives a sh^t? The trann!3$ didn't even seem to care.

So, my hypothesis is that since nobody really seems to care, and by that I mean least of all nihilistic globalist totalitarians, they have just been put forth in the media and everywhere else as this canary in the coal mine whereby so long as they are so staunchly publicly defended, these powers that be know that they are covered in mining us with their dastardly deeds.