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Toxic Lesbo Sister in Law

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User ID: 75681398
United States
10/20/2021 06:16 PM
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Toxic Lesbo Sister in Law
She gets up at her Dad's funeral (he died of jab and everybody knows it but no one but wife and I will admit it) after everyone else to close it out. She said nothing off the notes that we saw. First she talks 10 minutes about LGBT and how she is persecuted. No mention of her dad. Then she went off on how some "crazy anti-science religious extremist homophobes" say her dad died of covid but that's a lie. Then she goes on to say that he told her that he hopes all unvaxxed people will get covid and die and burn in hell forever for killing him with covid. (just contradicted herself; first said he didn't have covid and then unvaxxed ppl killed him with covid)

Then people clapped and it caught on to about 20% of the church. Then Aunt Milly got up and walked out and we followed her. There were some words exchanged. She ruined the funeral but her family never dealt with her previously and the dad was an idiot who agree with our facts we gave him but then got it anyone.

This is a bad simulation folks.