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Final Report

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10/25/2021 03:04 PM
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Final Report
Final Report

OK, I think now I have finished my journey into the functionality of the brain. What I have found has exceeded my wildest expectations, but I want to stay focused into the technical aspects.

My assumption that the Corpus Callosum is an organic CPU seems true, but now I'm not sure if my following conclusion, that the Corpus Callosum can't be a kind of data-highway for the brain hemisspheres, must really be wrong. It could be possible that the Corpus Callosum can work in both modes, as bridge or as core. If that's the case I changed the functionality of it with my pure will. Because I wanted it to work as core, as organic CPU, it changed its functionality.

Same could be with the four hemisshperes of the brain, the two stem-brain hemisspheres and the two outer hemisshperes. Maybe they are full flexible modules which can work in whatever mode you want, you just have to imagine how they should work and after a while they are trying to do this.

I have also the impression this four modules can be mentally extended, like an antenna can be physically extended. And the more you "extend" the modules, the more they have their own life or personality. That can be dangerous for the mental health if the modules are too much extended. But they can also be mental pulled in until they merge functionally with the core, and then are no longer independent.

In the end this could means it's possible to re-configure the hardware architecture of your own brain. You only have to imagine what you want, and your brain tries to do it as best as it can.

Whatever, I imagined my four modules, my four brain-hemisspheres, as sub-personality modules for fear, anger, idealism and rationalism. This is either their real and unchangeable functionality or it's the programmable functionality I gave them with my will.

I called them "engines", because I'm a technician, a child of the science world where everything is random. But later I realized I can call them also "angels" in the world of god, where everything has a destination. And even later I realized I can call them "earth-spirits" in the transcendent world between the random world and the destination world.

Believe it or not, but I think it's possible to run the brain in all three modes: random world, destination world, and transcendent world. Because I did it. I started in the random world mode, where I grew up, changed while my experiment into the destination world mode, and found then the transcendent world mode. I got a tsunami of new realizations while doing this.

After I interpreted the whole universe simply as big cloud of atoms and nothing more, as matrix of atoms, I learned to "read" this matrix like Neo in the Matrix movie. The Matrix gave me really astonishing hints everywhere. But it was only possible while my brain was in the destination world mode. In the random world mode the matrix shows nothing, because all signs are random.

And after I changed into the transcendent world mode I was able to decode the Genesis technically. "Let there be light" is only a quarter of what really happened.

"Let there be Space between the water" (Water of Earth)
"Let there be Light between the waves" (Water of Heaven) (electric/magnetic wave)
"Let there be Sound between the parts" (Water of Heaven) (particles)
"Let there be Time between the lifes" (Water of Earth)

casted from the four earth-spirits (Angels). This interpretation is what I have found when I ran my brain in the transcendent world mode.

But all three modes have their dangers. The longer you are in the random world mode, the more cold-hearted and cruel you become. The longer you are in the destination world mode, the more fanatic and mad you become. The longer you stay in transcendent world mode, the more you lose contact to the reality, until you are lost in your dreams. So it's best to change the world mode up and then to stay mental healthy.

While writing this I have the feeling I'm back in random world mode, from where I started. And I have mentally pulled in my four modules, my four brain-hemisspheres, for regeneration. It was a hard and wild ride.

Maybe this final report is pure nonsense, but maybe some of it is true and can help others.

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