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Genesis Reloaded

Offer Upgrade

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10/25/2021 04:50 PM
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Genesis Reloaded
Genesis Reloaded

I like it to play around with my new transcendent abilities, just for fun.

While my journey the Genesis came strange into my way, especially the role of the fallen angels fascinated me. Why did they revolt? Why have they lost? What has happened to them? Where are they now? Who are they now?

Before I found a strange interpretation in gods world, where the men are the fallen angels.
Now I found a surprising interpretation in the transcendent world, where god is a sleeping dreamer, who dreams/creates the world constant.

Whoever (that's the name I gave the dreamer) had children, angels. The conflict came and after this the loyal angels, or the four Earth-spirits, stayed in the transcendent heaven, where god is.

The Earth-spirits made our god of the destination world, where everthing, every sign, is determined, and this god is the love. And his angels are the fallen angels. Because they fell from the transcendent heaven into the determined heaven.

Do you like my transcendent interpretation?