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Open letter from BC gov't employees against vax mandate

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11/01/2021 09:00 PM
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Open letter from BC gov't employees against vax mandate
I'm posting in the hopes that it helps someone keep their job... maybe a fellow British Columbian.

Below is an open letter from concerned BC employees to the head of the BC Public Service re: Proposed COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy for BC Public Service Employees.

"... this letter poses a number of fundamental questions and concerns that many of us share in common that must be transparently addressed by you. These cover issues of privacy, medical freedom and the deeply personal and profound impacts of the Proposed Policy on individuals."

It is long and really gets into details about the human rights issues. I think it's a must-read for any gov't employee in Canada who is requesting an exemption to either the provincial or federal mandate.

Sorry the link is sketchy. Didn't seem to infect my computer.

[link to www.rolia.net (secure)]

May God bless you all.