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why nanochip technology is not the mark of the beast....

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United States
11/02/2021 05:50 PM
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why nanochip technology is not the mark of the beast....
not enough people have it even if one considers the covert capabilities of the c.i.a. and military intel..prophecy says that all would perish lest the times (economic) be cut short..

therefore the mark is the social security number which is on the forehead(the frontal part of the brain is where we store our memory and the s.s.# is memorized and used in conjunction with the petrobank issued credit debit cards which we use to buy and sell with...

the other mark is in the RIGHT hand...when the initial atm machines came out the slots were vertical which made it awkward for lefties to use..this meant that they had to switch over to the right hand...and we thank you for your support..