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This will make a lot of vaxtards very confuddled...

Offer Upgrade

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11/05/2021 04:07 PM
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This will make a lot of vaxtards very confuddled...
[link to www.pfizer.com (secure)]

I imagine this new Pfizer offering will NOT be price-competetive with Ivermectin.
Today in Ontario about 40% of new cases are in the double-vaxxed. The narrative is falling apart. More pushback is throwing the media and despots off-script. Could this herald vindication for those of us recently labelled as perpetrators in "Crimes Against Humanity". Will the actual guilty parties possibly now be brought to a Nuremberg-style justice? That may be a little much to hope for- but how can they be allowed any clemency in this, the biggest scam ever pepetrated?

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