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Message Subject Fauci issues urgent warning to “vaxxed” people!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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How in the f does the world not see that he's been weaponizing and making gain of function viruses since 1999? In 2012, he said a pandemic would be good for the world and the scientific community.

Bill Gates says in a Ted talk that if we do a good job with vaccines and reproductive health we can reduce the population by 10 to 15%

In 2015, Fauci is given a moratorium on the gain of function research he was doing in North Carolina because it's too dangerous.

So Fauci moves the headquarters to Wuhan China and funds the research, despite the fact he denies that he did. Rand Paul took him to the woodshed over it. The NIH admitted that they received funding for making the influenza sars virus more dangerous to humans. He just funneled the money through different channels.

Then Obama sent millions in 2015/2016 to support the research.

Then in 2017, Fauci guarantees a "surprise pandemic" during the Trump administration. Who in the HELL can guarantee a surprise?

In September 2019, Biden talks about how Trump depleted the resources that he and Obama had in place in case there was a pandemic.

There were many people who were sick from October 2019 through March 2020 who thought it could have been Covid. Blood tests found that it was present in many of the samples from that time.

In March 2020, Bill Gates leaves the board of Microsoft and becomes directly involved with Covid. Nevermind that he has said on record that the best investment he ever made was on vaccines. He made 20:1 on his money.

Shortly after, his wife Melinda decides to divorce him. (What does she know?) Bill had encounters with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein before he died. And he and Melinda made a BIZARRE statement saying (smirking), the 2nd wave will get their attention, like they knew something.

This is what the father of lies, Lucifer does. He shows these idiots future events because the future is known. They are so sure they are "chosen ones" that they almost can't keep it to themselves.

Then it breaks out and Wuhan is on the map. How stupid do you have to be to not see that a U.S. funded weaponized virus that was forced to move to Wuhan began in Wuhan? It's insane.

Like Jon Stewart said, If there's a major chocolate incident across the street from the Hershey factory, MAYBE IT CAME FROM THE HERSHEY FACTORY!
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