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Any Crypto Experts in the House? Turtlecoin?

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User ID: 81110309
United States
11/13/2021 06:54 PM
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Any Crypto Experts in the House? Turtlecoin?
I have a well-to-do banker friend touting Turtlecoin. He said it's being setup for a pump by Elon Musk because they have put now two separate turtles in Space-X official photos. 1.) Photo of a turtle on a tile on Space-X rocket.
2.) The following turtle in space:
[link to twitter.com (secure)]

He said these guys gives tells and did this for Dogecoin. He said any fool could figure out that they are accidentally releasing photos of turtles - it's a tell and has meaning. The banker thinks Bitcoin, Etherium and a very few others will remain as they will buy up all the technology from the other coins and then the shitcoins will just disappear in 10 years or so. Then after that will be a US digital currency and that's all you'll be able to use. But until then he thinks Elon and others are simply pumping coins to make money - one's that may or may not be actually worth anything. He thinks Turtle is valid but it's almost worthless and that Doge is a ponzi scheme but it's had huge gains. I'm sure as hell not gonna put 10 grand in Turtle but I might do a 1000.

Any thoughts on this? I'm not a crypto person. Is the they it all really works?