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Gigi Young 3 hour Lecture on Star Wisdom: Human Evolution Through the Cosmos

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United States
11/15/2021 08:46 PM
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Gigi Young 3 hour Lecture on Star Wisdom: Human Evolution Through the Cosmos
[link to rumble.com (secure)]

pdf at link

In this talk we will be discussing the pattern of human development throughout the cosmos. We will be paying special attention to topics such as:

How does the human soul evolve through the solar system?
Is there a specific path of cosmic initiation for our soul?
How do the planetary spheres play into human consciousness?
What is a 'Life Wave"?
What is the "Rope of Consciousness"?
What is a divergent evolutionary stream?
What happens when a human being mutilates or degrades their consciousness?

Time Codes
0:00 intro
1:56 Our Solar System is a school
6:40 We are multi-dimensional
9:30 How do we experience multi-dimensionality?
14:30 What is the Life Wave?
22:00 Rule 1: We must complete our evolution
30:40 Our Soul’s bond with the Earth
38:40 Becoming trapped in the lower worlds
44:43 Rule 2: We must align with universal laws
45:35 The Rope of Consciousness
53:49 Divergent evolution, divergent timelines
1:10:44 Our choice of love or fear
1:17:32 End times, the death of our globe (earth), human evolution, terraforming.
1:24:54 The grey aliens & chimeras
1:32:50 Venusians, pleiadians & the higher earth
1:41:25 Divergent beings need consent to enter the earth
1:45:25 Rudolf Steiner on Luciferic beings
1:56:12 Living forever to avoid moving into a divergent timeline
1:57:50 The mad scientists of ancient Atlantis
2:02:02 Re-entering the life wave through manipulation (DNA harvesting and false light teachers)2:10:40 Re-entering the life wave through personal responsibility and sacrifice
2:15:12 Edgar Cayce on healing chimeras
2:17:19 Live Q & A portion begins
2:18:36 Does a soul who is now in a divergent timeline re-enter the life wave from the level in which they initially diverged?
2:19:50 Do Grey’s try to re-connect to the rope of consciousness? Do they try to manipulate humanity? How can we avoid them?
2:28:18 Is the 4th dimension completely negative? The Buddha mind and 4D consciousness.
2:33:03 The bifurcation of the earth. How do we moving into the ‘higher earth’ and higher timelines?
2:35:10 Can we evolve just by avoiding transhumanism?
2:39:00 How do I connect with the planetary spheres?
2:42:18 The solar form (human body) and mammalian beings.
2:45:16 Why do we not recognize divergent beings as ourselves, as human?
2:50:16 The “Rosemary’s Baby” rituals. The breeding of human beings to hold dark entities/divergent beings.
2:55:02 How do we help other understand this material?
3:00:05 our Venusian self & understanding our multi-dimensionality.
3:05:20 The 4d plane and the higher-self
3:07:08 How do the planetary spheres relate to the dimensions?
3:11:49 Have we been a divergent being that has re-entered the life waves? Cats, dogs, elephants and horses.
3:16:10 The V and the lower earth
3:21:47 Mainstream religions & the perception of hell
John Locke

User ID: 69340726
United Kingdom
11/15/2021 10:49 PM
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Re: Gigi Young 3 hour Lecture on Star Wisdom: Human Evolution Through the Cosmos
I've learned quite a lot from Gigi. It is good to have an alternative perspective to frame things in.