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Message Subject !!! WARNING !!! Warning - Disturbing !!! THEY C0ME After YOUR CHILDRENS !!! ATTENTION !!!
Poster Handle John Blutarsky
Post Content
They have always taken children away for a few moments to blood type them etc.. however right now... I would ask in advance of the birth if I will be allowed to observe that process. If they say no, you plan to have the birth at home
You can probably find a fired doc to happen to be around as a guest...
 Quoting: Weisshaupt

Unless there's an obvious complication, such as placenta previa or a serious health issue, you're best off with a home birth. You don't need a doctor - most births in human history had a midwife or doula at most, and many women just had the kids by themselves or with their husband. Regardless of your plans, prepare for a home birth anyway, since the entire system is unstable and it will get worse before it gets better, if it even does.

It's not difficult to learn a lot on the net and it's free.
 Quoting: FeralOne

I've heard Amish women squeeze out a puppy in the morning and that night they will be working in the kitchen by suppertime. They get five hours off for childbirth


ANd I've heard it is even worst in Indochina. They will have a baby while working in the rice patties and just cut the cord ,strap it to their belly and keep on going..
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