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Consider This (Vaccines)

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User ID: 80863039
United States
11/18/2021 01:47 PM
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Consider This (Vaccines)
Imagine a scenario where you have 2 options:
-Take a vaccine
-Don't take a vaccine

If you take the vaccine you live a healthier life, meaning you are less susceptible to common colds and other small-time sicknesses, but you are pre-programmed to die at ~60 years old.

If you don't take the vaccine you will get headcolds, sicknesses, and other ailments, but you will be able to live out the entirety of your lifespan as ordained by your DNA and life's circumstances.

Which do you choose?

By the time this whole program is implemented there will be a semi-hard death date for all people, allowing for easier eugenics without any sort of proof of what is causing it. Some die at 60, others at 65, but the outcome is the same. The golden years are eliminated from the population after just one generation as the vax becomes an integral part of the child rearing process, even from birth.

Would anyone ever know? How long until every who knows isn't around?

User ID: 80420450
11/18/2021 02:02 PM
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Re: Consider This (Vaccines)
And then you have this option:

Take what they call "the vaccine".
It makes your body recreate, based on the injected code, a very dangerous part of the virus.

Many young males die very quickly. For some it only takes days. But it is just a short time where they really hurt like crazy while their heart failes.

When you are older it takes a bit longer. Many succumb after 4 or so months. Often after pain and suffering. The body dying away. Doctors often clueless why it is happening.

For others it will take even longer. No one knows yet. The DNA repair gets messed up. Also the immune system. That´s not good. They will not last.

Crazy many get heart inflammation. When heart tissue is damaged, it never quite heals. The change to die within 10 years is high.
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User ID: 80962437
United States
11/18/2021 02:07 PM
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Re: Consider This (Vaccines)
I think the OP is in bizzaroland if those are the options.

User ID: 80781908
United States
11/18/2021 02:10 PM

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Re: Consider This (Vaccines)

There's. A. H0le. In. The. Sky.