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Really Scarey


User ID: 79021287
United States
11/22/2021 07:33 AM
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Really Scarey
The media never tells the truth anymore. The media lies and people start burning down cities. The media lies and people in suvs run over 20 people. The media lies and people shoplift thousands of dollars worth of goods. Nothing is free we will all pay for that.Sometime people just need any excuse to commit crimes.
If Ted Turner saw what cnn has become he'd roll over in his grave. No real journalists anymore just political hacktavists.
The biggest dissapointment was CBS when they said that three black men were killed.No black people were killed by Ritten- house.
The media needs to be held accountable. It is time to sue them at every chance. Maybe if it hurts them in the pocket they will start to tell the truth.
Why watch the news anymore? Just a bunch of lies and propaganda.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 80427086
United States
11/22/2021 07:59 AM
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Re: Really Scarey
Why not stop their ability to communicate?

Oh, wait. They are already doing that to us.

Can we do it back to them or is that not fair?