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it seem that the movie: "Venom Let There Be Carnage" is another propaganda against me

Apocalypse guy,,
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11/25/2021 06:34 AM
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it seem that the movie: "Venom Let There Be Carnage" is another propaganda against me
this sequel is the opposite of the first movie
the first venom movie was against evil rich people who scam and exploit poor people that they call losers, addicts and mentally ill
this evil sequel is against the poor victims of the evil rich people and their society/system

also it seem that this movie could even be against me personally
the villain in this sequel is a single poor guy with bad childhood that was the victim of mistreatment of his family/environment/society/system and that desperately seek only love/marriage and union with his the Virgo women that he love, but the society/system denied him that, so he gone on killing rampage -or Carnage- using a special powers that he and his loved women has somehow acquired
this is very similar to my life

this is why i only manged to watch the first half of the movie
mostly, i will not be able to watch the rest, i can not watch while the good villain and his love get defeated by his/my enemies
also the movie look like mere NWO society-propaganda, it is not enjoyable or entertaining

Last Edited by Apocalypse guy,, on 11/25/2021 06:36 AM
my enemies are anyone who are not against Allah because he is feminist scammer
my enemies must die