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the matrix keep making me love certain people, then make them show enmity to me

Apocalypse guy,,
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11/25/2021 12:46 PM
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the matrix keep making me love certain people, then make them show enmity to me
the Islamic liberal matrix in Egypt keep doing this to me all the time, sometimes on daily basis:
it make normal people or some actors/actress keep doing things or acting roles that give me pleasure
or that show how they are thinking like me, or show that they belong to my type of people, or that they love/support/respect me and my type of people

those people/actors keep doing this, sometimes maybe for years, until i love them, until i consider them good people that is like me and until i stop doubting that they could be enemies and i even use my magic to bless them and protect them from harm
then, only then, the matrix either destroy/torturer them and/or make them suddenly reveal to me that they are my worst enemies and make them keep saying and/or doing horrible things to me, or use them to send harmful messages to me
like by making them keep saying the religious/Islamic-liberal(feminist/capitalist) evil bullshit that my enemies believe in

i am not sure why the matrix keep repeatedly doing this to me1dunno1wtf
maybe the matrix do this either because it is evil enough to toy with my heart and with my "love emotions" and mock them, just as a type of sadistic psychological torture to enjoy seeing me annoyed and feeling disappointed/betrayed
and/or to damage my mind/emotion/psyche and my ability to love and trust people

or maybe the matrix are retreaded enough to hope that by doing this to me repeatedly and forever, it will convince/brainwash me to join the type of people that are my enemies -the evil Islamic/feminists- that control and infest the matrix/reality of Egypt and convince/brainwash me to believe in their evil Islamic-liberal bullshit
maybe the matrix believe it do this to make me "learn lessons", this so-called "lessons are the evil Islamic/feminist bullshit mentality of my enemies, but the matrix call it "lessons" so it can justify wasting my youth and most of my life torturing and brainwashing me

for example:
since 2013, when al-sisi ruled Egypt and when the reality started to look more like matrix/simulation
there are a group/team of actors in Egypt that started to make comedy TV theatrical play that is somewhat similar to SNL in america
i known that they are my enemies, for many reasons, like:
they are liberal/modern-looking (their women mingle with men and wear pants)
they are of-course Muslims, even if they did not show much religious talk/behavior/looks like how the Egyptians do since 2004
they sometimes show some support to al-sisi in their plays
if they wasn't part of the enemy religious/feminists system, the system would have destroyed them, not made them rich and famous

and because the script of their plays sometimes attack me, for example:
-when my father died and i doubted that my feminist family has killed him, they made a play about a father that was killed by his feminist family and they made it look like good thing
-they mocked people like me who feel great pain, who get damaged and who want to get revenge when people humiliate/intimidate them
-when i asked glp/america to make al-sisi issue an order to cancel the stores's rent contracts that was made based on old socialist law that insanely reduce the rent and lower it beneath it's normal/supposed/common value, so i can get the full rent from the renters of my family stores, they made a play about something similar to this and they called poor people like me who want to take their full rent from the rich renters: greedy who do not deserve to own the property that they rent

but in their TV theatrical play and even in their real lives, they are very funny, they act childish, sexual, free and crazy like me
they seemed to be good-hearted innocent, spontaneous and frank(honest/open) who think and feel like me
they are liberal-looking but they think like conservatives/chauvinists, it seem that they even tolerate or even support what feminists call "sexual-harassment", this is impossible thing in Egypt that is extremely feminist it consider looking at females as horrible crime
the women in this team are strange, their beauty/femininity/attractiveness are extreme and above normal, their type are extremely rare in Egypt, sometimes they look not human, they act/look as how i imagine good people or my type of women would look and act

therefore i started to watch many episodes of their TV theatrical play, i started to like them, then when i become nearly sure that they are like me or not much of enemies i started to love them and even to bless them with my my magic
then, only then, the matrix manipulated me to watch a TV interview that they was it's Guests, in this interview they revealed that they are part of the Islamic-liberal(feminist/capitalist) enemy system of Egypt
the interview was more than an hour, they acted funny, good-hearted, innocent, spontaneous and frank(honest/open) as usual and they did not mention religion, feminism or anything that are against me, therefore i liked the video and it made me love them more
but then near the end, the TV interviewer asked them: what good dead you advice people?
they said things like goodness and good-deeds are not of much importance because what is important is praying to Allah and agreeing with what fate Allah has decreed !! that is one of the core beliefs of my enemies and one of the worst and most evil of their ideas/principles
therefore i disliked the video and i now started to hate them very much and consider them enemies that impersonate my type of people

Last Edited by Apocalypse guy,, on 11/25/2021 12:48 PM
my enemies are anyone who are not against Allah because he is feminist scammer
my enemies must die