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Message Subject your mission, gplers, should you choose to accept it is to...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Doesnt mesh with two factors,usgs report and they lost their ability to drill when we lowered oil pricess so low that their companies closed up shop.
They lost their tools and skilled labor.its dead jim.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29012300

"their companies"
is the key wordage in your post..the power of siberia is a STATE owned entity and it MUST be remembered that it is the fruit of the tree here not the private / public argument..its just a matter of time my friend...another indicator that this is a global game changer is the news that russia and india have inked a miltary agreement..what preceeded this was a two trip visit to moscow by indian leadership that signed that country into a 25 year energy deal with the putin controlled power of siberia...

the neo-righties and the false prophets are going to spin this india/russia alliance as gog and magog rising up against israel and the nations of israel but it rather is a protection agreement so there will be no destabilization events linked into the oil as we have
so often seen in the middle east that is launched
to keep the price manipulated.......and we thank you for
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