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Experiences With Non-Human Intelligent Entities

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12/15/2021 11:25 PM
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Experiences With Non-Human Intelligent Entities
What I’ve found is this: It’s very hard for anyone with any kind of good reputation, public respect or invested career…and who has had experiences along these lines related to my subject title…to talk about those experiences with anyone. At all. It’s almost impossible.

Nobody believes the individual who experiences these things once they start venturing into this subject. Oftentimes it’s worse than that- when the reflexive response from a listener is something like: “Oh wow that’s soooo interesting- but hey, just in case you’re going through something, I know a really good psychiatrist…like, totally helped my wife’s boyfriend’s dad’s husband cope with the death of his Pomeranian…sometimes people cry out for help in their own way…yadayadayada.”

It causes a certain sense of hopelessness and isolation. The person who has experienced something phenomenal will often be the very first one to question their own sanity and the reality of what they experienced. They have already been through the stage of doubt, disbelief, denial and attempted rationalization. By the time they’re even willing to open up and discuss the High Strangeness with another human being, they’ve already microscopically analyzed the situation, broken it down to its’ base components, relived what they can recall a thousand times over in memory and arrived at the conclusion that no, they’re not crazy. To even confront that reality takes immense courage after experiencing what amounts to a traumatic encounter. Even when nothing harmful or violating occurred, these types of experiences are just so alien and disturbing that the person is often left with some form of PTSD. This may become manifest in an intense fear of certain places, insomnia, vivid recurring nightmares, fear of darkness, fear of sleep, etc. Even when there is no truly rational basis or reason for that reaction.

The sight of these creatures is unnatural for us, regardless of whether their intentions are benevolent or hostile. Our brains recognize them as something stronger and potentially more dangerous than ourselves. They aren’t little or fragile looking, not by a long shot. There is no doubt to the person who sees them that they are biological in origin. The human reaction to this sight is the same as if you were startled by a lion or tiger and then made eye-contact with. There is the sense of helplessness that sets in as the experiencer realizes they have no control over the occurrences whatsoever. That they, themselves, are nowhere near the top of the interstellar food chain. That we are at their mercy, just as all the lesser animal species are at our mercy.

I think one often overlooked aspect when people are discussing “aliens” is this: It’s important to realize that there are most likely different factions with vastly different intentions and interests on our planet. This may account for the vast differences in reported experiences. There are some people who- convincingly- seem to have perpetually horrifying and evil-sounding encounters. No doubt they are probably dealing with the Hostile sort of Non-Human Intelligence. I’ve noticed that there is a common physical description of the Entities themselves among this group of people. Whereas there are other people who might have experienced things that are naturally terrifying to them, but that were not necessarily inherently violating or particularly hostile.

I think, if nothing else, the topic should be a matter open for discussion among mature rational adults. There are enough “normal” respectable people all over the world who have nothing to gain from reporting their experiences and everything (socially) to lose. Why not hear them out, as a society and culture? Why immediately jump to accusations of dishonesty or psychological dysfunction?

They bear a certain burden, regardless of what you think the explanation is for their mutually experienced phenomena. I believe that the kind and human thing to do is listen with an open mind, weigh the evidence on its’ own and consider all possibilities.
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