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Why the $626.25M settlement may not be enough for survivors of Flint water crisis

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12/23/2021 04:33 PM
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Why the $626.25M settlement may not be enough for survivors of Flint water crisis
Weird this is not in the MSM prime time slots anymore.

~$7,400 per person.

Dionna Brown was a freshman in high school when the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, put her community in disarray. Now 23, she vividly remembers the physical and mental ailments suffered by those exposed to hazardous lead.

“My friends that lived on the east side and south side, they had rashes on their skin,” Brown said. “Their hair was falling out.”

Last month a federal judge approved a partial settlement of $626.25 million to compensate as many as 85,000 residents for the problems caused by the water crisis. But even with the money headed toward Flint residents, the health and safety issues related to the water crisis persist in the majority-Black community. Many residents exposed to lead in their tap water developed illnesses like Legionnaires’ disease, miscarriages, behavioral problems in children and male infertility.

According to the preliminary terms of the settlement, 80 percent of the funds will be distributed to those who were 6 or younger at the time of initial exposure to Flint River water. Two percent of the funds will be distributed to special education services in Genesee County, 18 percent will fund property damage and roughly 1 percent will go toward businesses who suffered financial deprivation. The amount each person receives will not be determined until all claims are submitted and found eligible.

[link to www.nbcnews.com (secure)]
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